Hidde’s upcoming schedule

Hidde de Vries is presenting at these upcoming events.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Design in government conference

Trolleys, veils and prisoners: the case for accessibility from philosophical ethics

Those who want to make accessible websites, will likely spend some of their time convincing others. One good reason to make accessible websites is that doing so is the right thing. For centuries, doing the right thing has been a concern for the field of philosophical ethics. In this talk, some notable philosophical thought experiments are applied to the world of web accessibility. With some practical examples, this talk makes a refreshing case for web accessibility, which people can use to advocate for more inclusive websites.

18 November 2019

Paris, France


On the origin of cascades

“CSS is broken”, some say. Is it really? CSS has long survived other proposals for style on the web. Since 1994, it has powered generations of websites. It lived through years of platform evolution. The cascade, the box model and the enormous choice in values and units are purposefully added features that let the language thrive. In this Darwin-themed talk, you’ll learn how CSS came to be, which proposals did not make it and how the language facilitates simplicity and flexibility by design.

04 December 2019

Anaheim, CA, USA

CSUN 2020

Amplifying your accessibility with better authoring tools

Learn about the W3C’s list of authoring tools, and find out how authoring tools with accessibility support can make your organisation’s efforts more effective.

09 March 2020