Hidde’s upcoming schedule

Hidde de Vries is presenting at these upcoming events.

Goa, India

React India

Editing experiences your team will love

React is renowned for its developer experience. What if you could use it to improve the experience of editors and content creators too? In this workshop you’ll learn how to use Sanity.io for structured content modeling. Find out how to build, iterate, and configure your own CMS to unify data models with efficient and delightful editor experiences. This workshop is intended for web developers who want to deliver better content experiences for their content teams and clients.

22 September 2022

Marseille, France

EuroIA 2022

Cross-Functional Collaboration for Structured Content

30 September 2022

London, UK

Modern Frontends Live!

It’s the markup that matters

As web developers, a large part of what we can do to improve the accessibility of our sites and apps, is in markup. In this talk, you’ll learn how the markup we write impacts the Document Object Model (DOM) and Accessibility APIs. We’ll look at specific examples and how to optimise them for end users. Lastly, we’ll peak into upcoming changes: how will the Accessibility Object Model (AOM) help us in the future?

17 November 2022