Hidde’s upcoming schedule

Hidde de Vries is presenting at these upcoming events.

WPCampus 2021 Online

Procuring accessible software for e-learning: how ATAG can help

Web accessibility is easier when you do it earlier, and using tools that support accessibility is critical. This starts with purchasing decisions: which suppliers do you choose for accessible e-learning, plug-ins and integrations? How can you tell which tools will work? The W3C’s ATAG standard has a number of useful recommendations to help distinguish between accessible and inaccessible tools. In this session, you’ll learn more about applying this standard to increase accessibility across the board.

21 September 2021

CodeLand 2021

It’s the markup that matters

Learn how the markup we write impacts not just the Document Object Model (DOM), but, indirectly, also the Accessibility Object Model (AOM), and how this impacts end users.

23 September 2021

#a11yTO Conf

Could browsers fix more accessibility problems automatically?

Accessibility best practices and standards are great, but realistically, they don’t reach everybody. Part of the web is still inaccessible to people with disabilities. What if browsers could give users the power to override the web, and fix accessibility errors in web content whenever they can? In this talk, I will discuss accessibility features in today’s browsers and share what else could be done.

20 October 2021

Budapest, Hungary

JSConf Budapest

It’s the markup that matters

As web developers, a large part of what we can do to improve the accessibility of our sites and apps, is in markup. In this talk, you’ll learn how the markup we write impacts the Document Object Model (DOM) and Accessibility APIs. We’ll look at specific examples and how to optimise them for end users. Lastly, we’ll peak into upcoming changes: how will the Accessibility Object Model (AOM) help us in the future?

02 June 2022